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Who will you be in a moment? The best version of yourself. Be yourself. That's enough. Can a photo shoot change something in your life? Yes, everything. Do you have the courage?

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I don't complain about the world, I co-create it in harmony with myself (and with you too). My name is Dominika Kuligowska and I invite you on a journey to your world.

You have your own story, let's tell it together. You play the role of the main character, and I make sure you stay with him forever. We will have it in photos. We will create a well-framed story about the beauty, power and values that you represent.

I won't talk about my grades in photography, but I will mention that I was lucky to choose my path with passion. I have been taking photos since I got my first camera. I matured to the decision to quit my job in school and make photography, which is my passion, my profession. I live dynamically, on the go. I know many beautiful places where I can capture your story. I succumb to admiration and draw joy from human emotions.

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